Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eumorpha pandorus

I found a beautiful moth yesterday. It was green and cream, and very large--on the order of a several inch wingspan. I almost never see large bugs, though I know they're around, so it was pretty exciting.

This moth was fluttering about confusedly around 11:30 am, clearly not moth time. I followed him around for a while until he came to rest on the ground, and eventually picked him up to move him to another, less-trafficked, area. I then spent a long while looking at him (and expecting him to fly away) and talking to him. When I got up I realized that someone was sitting on the bench next to me and listening to me talk to said moth for several minutes. Oh well...

The moth was still there later in the afternoon when I came back, so I'm sure he wasn't well, though I never would have had the chance to see him if he were. (I am assuming this was a 'he,' though I know next to nothing about moths, and know even less about their possible sexual dimorphism. Somehow I think the females are differently colored. I am probably wrong.) He was soft, and wonderfully clingy in a way that small, live animals I try to pick up almost never are. They usually are squealing in paroxysms of fear, actually, and occasionally trying to bite me. But this moth didn't want to leave my hand, and though he was probably trying to avoid being eaten by some other creature it was so lovely to have an interaction with nature where nature wasn't trying to run away.

The moth made my day. It's always refreshing to see something existing so wholly outside of my world, with real concerns and not silly ones like organic chemistry. Which I will go study. Now. Well, maybe after I eat some cookies...

Sorry that the pictures aren't great, by the way. I took them with my phone's camera so the definition isn't superb.

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