Thursday, September 9, 2010

More encounters with Nature

Today, just as I was arriving home from class, I found a finch rolling and flopping on the sidewalk. He seems to have a broken something, either wing or spine or perhaps even something neurological. I suppose he probably flew into a window.

I have always wanted to be like those girls from fairy tales to whom forest creatures flock* and, much to my delight, my moth adventure was somewhat in that vein. Unfortunately, though, the flopping finch was even more terrorized when I picked him up to move him under a bush. He quieted down somewhat after discovering that resistance was futile, and it was amazing to feel his heart beating under his soft feathers. His bones were so delicate, too. I wanted to help and looked on the internet for information about rolling/flopping finches but didn't find much, other than that bones must be set immediately and that I should call animal control. I figured that animal control probably doesn't care about a finch. I also figured that I'd give him a heart attack if I tried to mess with him too much.

I would keep him as a pet, except he's old enough that he'd probably hate me for the rest of his life. Oh, Nature...

Anyway, it is rather strange to have found two injured flying creatures in three days. Perhaps it is a sign?

*And I haven't quite given up on my plan to keep a carrier pigeon/owl in my attic this year...

And an update: I checked on him around 6:30 pm and he was nowhere to be found. I hope something hasn't eaten him and that he managed to fix whatever was amiss.

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